24x7 Web App Monitoring

Web App Monitoring

The distributed web applications world has brought about a new set of challenges for those who need to ensure application health and performance. The latest technologies, modern application architectures, and the rapid rate of change has created complexities in today's applications. Consequently, the performance problems that occur are difficult to diagnose, and fix.

With these becoming critical to the business, it has become necessary to have a quick and easy way to monitor and resolve application problems before they impact revenue.

AppDynamics, the next generation application performance management solution simplifies the management of complex, business-critical apps. By implementing AppDynamics, slow performing apps are a thing of the past. Besides scaling their production applications, enterprises can also effectively monitor, troubleshoot, diagnose, gaining 10 times the current level of visibility and finding the root cause faster.

Easy to install and use

Regardless of whether your application resides in the data center or the cloud, AppDynamics can be quickly installed. Detect and map your application architecture and dependencies, and get a clear picture of the application performance regardless of how complex your application is, with AppDynamics.

Deep code-level visibility

Web application performance monitoring from AppDynamics enables you to drill down to an individual call stack trace and detect and fix performance related problems at the class and method level.

Proactive alerting

You can initiate alerts depending on application, Business Transaction and infrastructure-level metrics. With AppDynamics' dynamic alerting thresholds there would be no worry about alert storming.

How is AppDynamics Different?

  • Business transaction-centric
  • Get complete browser to backend visibility
  • Suitable for production environments with less than 2 percent overhead
  • Perfect or highly-distributed/SOA architectures
  • Auto-discovers application map and transaction flows

Short Mean-time-to-Resolution

  • Complete code-level diagnostics as and when required
  • Precise analytics that shows business impact quickly
  • Comprehensive coverage of common application performance issues
  • Insight into database performance and SQL execution
  • Get automated response with Application Run Book Automation


  • Self-learning baselines to automate threshold configuration
  • Automatic scoring of business transaction performance
  • Best suitable for agile environments – dynamic code instrumentation

Fast & Easy

  • Fast time-to-value (measured in minutes)
  • Easy to use for Development and Operations

Cost Effective

  • Costs much less than legacy APM solutions
  • Simple subscription pricing model

Get Started with AppDynamics

To learn more about 24x7 web app monitoring, take AppDynamics Pro free trial , our fully-featured application performance management solution.