Actionable Intelligence

Application Intelligence Platform

Analytics helps develop actionable intelligence from huge amounts of data and resolve issues swiftly. The AppDynamics Application Intelligence platform delivers rich performance data, analytics and learning. Besides, it swiftly adapts virtually to any infrastructure or software environment.

Rapidly Identify Root Cause

AppDynamics needs no manual configuration. It provides complete visibility into code execution in production at an overhead of 2%.

Automate Responses with Run Book Automation

AppDynamics notifies you about issues the instant it occurs and allows you to automate fixes for nearly invisible resolution.

Resolve Problems Before They're Problems

AppDynamics gives you a high level view into your application performance processes. This helps you to visualize problems before they ever occur.

It’s the dream you always have as a software engineer of running your profiler in your production application without degrading the performance 50% like a typical profiler does.


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