Agile Development Environment

Agile Development

Any organization can achieve higher functional product quality with successful agile development and continuous deployment processes. Agile practices when executed successfully help reduce go to market time, fast track product improvements and resolve defects swiftly.

For early QA participation, parallel test planning and execution, it is paramount that small focused teams work well-defined sprints with clearly groomed stories.

Key Benefits

  • Supports agile releases

  • Facilitates operations to be as agile as development

  • Lets ops and dev view the same data

Automatically Detect & Monitor New Releases

AppDynamics discovers every agile release and amends its operations automatically without any manual configuration or code changes.

Correlate Change Events with Business Impact

AppDynamics compares change events with application performance and user experience which helps to comprehend whether the business impact is negative or positive.

Validate Application and Business Transaction Flows

When changes occur, AppDynamics ensures that all application tiers are working along expected lines such as servicing the business transactions of your end-users as expected.

"I was happy to see I'd found a solution that met all my requirements. AppDynamics' APM is capable of replacing the entire toolkit that I otherwise would have assembled from a number of vendors."


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