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With AppDynamics you can rapidly identify, troubleshoot and diagnose performance issues in your application in Amazon Web Services in real time.

AppDynamics also offers two extensions for Amazon Web Services:

1.Amazon CloudWatch monitoring extension – Integrate CloudWatch into AppDynamics for richer metrics around your Amazon cloud applications.

2.Amazon Web Services cloud auto-scaling extension – Create workflows in AppDynamics to automatically scale your Amazon cloud application according to performance metrics in AppDynamics.

The Amazon CloudWatch monitoring extension for AppDynamics Pro allows you to access metrics from Amazon CloudWatch in the AppDynamics Metrics Browser and dashboards.

CloudWatch metrics include:

Auto Scaling Dimensions and Metrics

AWS Billing Dimensions and Metrics

Amazon DynamoDB Dimensions and Metricss

Amazon ElastiCache Dimensions and Metricss

Amazon EBS Dimensions and Metricss

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Dimensions and Metricss

Elastic Load Balancing Dimensions and Metricss

Amazon Elastic MapReduce Dimensions and Metricss

AWS OpsWorks Dimensions and Metricss

Amazon Redshift Dimensions and Metricss

Amazon RDS Dimensions and Metricss

Amazon Route 53 Dimensions and Metricss

Amazon Simple Notification Service Dimensions and Metricss

Amazon SQS Dimensions and metricss

AWS Storage Gateway Dimensions and Metricss

"We were previously using New Relic to monitor our applications, but it just wasn't giving us everything we needed...We really needed an APM that would offer better visibility and provide richer functionality."

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