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A solution for Apache monitoring keeps production environments humming

Apache monitoring stands for the different tools and approaches used for tracking the application and web servers. It does dynamic SLA base-lining and pro-active alerting to give early warning to support teams about performance issues before the end-user actually experiences it.


AppDynamics detects and tracks the application code running on Tomcat, which is the leading JavaEE application server available in the market. This gives maximum visibility of the performance of Tomcat, which lets users know the location of inactivity and how system resources like memory and CPU are devoured by an application and business transactions.

AppDynamics auto-monitors memory leaks with minimal user analysis within the Tomcat Server and its JVM and helps discover the main cause within seconds.

More Information

The Apache HTTP Server, developed by the Apache Software Foundation, is a popular web server. It catches metrics from an Apache web server and shows them in the AppDynamics Metric Browser.

Metrics include:

Health Check: It is the most recent and most severe logs, errors, etc.

Availability: It is the percentage of time that the server was up; charts server up/down status over time.

Resource Utilization: It refers to the resources (CPU, threads, memory) in use and still available.

Activity: It stands for the throughput over the last minute including bytes, requests, etc.

Efficiency: It deals with server optimizations to increase throughput such as caches, etc.

Top Requests: It is measured by a number of bytes transferred and most requests by quantity and by volume.

Top Activity: It deals with current activity like responding, cleaning up, logging, etc.

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