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Application Performance Management Solution

AppDynamics is the next-generation application performance management (APM) software solution that simplifies the management of complex apps. When your product is software or technology, performance is your bottom line. If your apps are running slow or are down, then users can’t serve their customers, can’t perform their jobs, and aren’t getting the return on the product. At best, there will be endless support tickets and calls. At worst, the customers are lost to a competitor, taking a direct hit to your bottom line.

Monitor and manage complex applications to identify and resolve performance issues using APM software

Auto-discover and monitor end-to-end application performance

Monitor any production app within minutes

Monitor production apps at code-level depth with minimal overhead

Resolve application issues quickly for exceptional end-user experience

Eliminate false alarms with automated baselining

Broadest coverage of languages and technologies

Deploy On-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments

Covers all popular programming languages and frameworks including:


The AppDynamics platform brings all our metrics into one place. It allows us to make sense of the madness of gigabytes and gigabytes of logs that our systems produce every day.


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