Application Performance Testing

Are your application performance testing tools giving you a complete view?

Many organizations are starting to do app performance testing in production, so they can stress test out-of-hours and pro-actively identify severity-1 incidents before end-users and the business is impacted. At AppDynamics, we give power to software-defined businesses with smart, adaptive testing tools to analyze digital business performance in production.

AppDynamics is the perfect compliment to performance testing tools like Apica and Soasta. In order to combine the power of AppDynamics with your existing performance testing tools, we have built direct integration that enables you to evaluate your applications while load testing.

With AppDynamics Pro you get in-depth performance metrics to evaluate the scalability and performance of your application.

Track end-user experience times and errors over the duration of the load tests

End-User Experience Management Dashboard provides visibility into both the server-side and the client-side

Compare multiple application releases to see the change in performance and stability


"We were previously using New Relic to monitor our applications, but it just wasn't giving us everything we needed...We really needed an APM that would offer better visibility and provide richer functionality."

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