Application Availability Monitoring

APM – The AppDynamics Way

AppDynamics empowers software-defined businesses with adaptive tools that are smart to analyze and maximize all production- related digital business performance—in real time. AppDynamics offers true Application Intelligence - and that's more than just monitoring.

Want to know why customers choose AppDynamics to make smarter business decisions:

Proven in Production
AppDynamics scales to support the most complex production environments by dynamically discovering application architecture and user flows, in addition to, automating the resolution process of problems in production.

Business Impact
We optimize development, operations and infrastructure resources, as well as manage business performance in real time. By transforming your application and operational insights you gain a competitive advantage.

You can choose your implementation model – SaaS, on-premise, or hybrid, which can be deployed in minutes, even in complex environments.

"It's important that we have a tool that helps ensure the performance of our website, and AppDynamics is really good at that."


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