Big Data Advanced Analytics

Platform to capture and process Big Data streams in real-time

AppDynamics has big data analytics and data visualizations for stream processing and behavioral-learning. We provide the broadest and deepest support for collecting data from infrastructures and applications, which allows us to monitor and manage large scale application deployments.

APM solution to capture and process real-time big data streams
Provides a scalable event service which captures and stores trillions of events per day
Transaction data has Hadoop-powered metrics service for complicated algorithmic analysis

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Our platform is linearly scalable and manage all tiers of your application infrastructure. IT organizations can monitor and mange their business with comprehensive end-to-end performance visibility, through a single pane of glass. This unified platform lowers mean time to resolution and the total cost of ownership of your app.

Complex data collection and monitoring

Node.js monitoring solution for distributed transactions
C and C++ APM
Support for Java 8
.NET asynch monitoring

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