Business Transaction Tracing

The Power of the Business Transaction

In dynamic environments, application management is possible only through business transactions and distributed business transaction tracing enables an advanced tag-and-follow tracing of these transactions across your servers. It gives visibility into how a distributed business transaction executes and identify where bottlenecks exist.

Tracking business transactions helps you to identify SLAs, discover your application's performance baseline, and considerably decrease the time taken to drill-down and troubleshoot problems. It helps you identify the line of code and the exact location where the performance issue occurs within seconds.

With AppDynamics, you can pursue the course of your transactions across all tiers and services in a highly distributed environment. This helps you identify issues at lightning speed.

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AppDynamics empowers today's software-defined businesses with smart, adaptive tools that helps evaluate and enhance digital business performance in real time. It's more than tracking, it's true Application Intelligence. Start monitoring your business transactions today for free.

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