Database Monitoring Software

Database Monitoring

With a great percentage of application performance bottlenecks starting in the database, application teams need database monitoring software for visibility into database or application performance. Its significant benefits include monitor application performance, get warnings, track vital performance metrics and see execution plans for slow SQL. This enables users to isolate bottlenecks and take appropriate steps to fix the issues.

Troubleshoot Performance Issues in a Production Environment

The finely grained historical data from AppDynamics enables application teams to get to the root of the issue and troubleshoot it.

Trend Database Performance Over Time

AppDynamics' database monitoring tracks vital performance metrics and enables you to fix issues before they impact end users.

Continuously Monitor in a High-Volume Production Environment

AppDynamics for databases track high-volume production applications 24/7 at a lower overhead to give visibility into database performance around the clock.

Easy to Install and Use

AppDynamics facilitates easy installation and usage. Hence, anyone can operate it to find and evaluate performance issues.

Monitor Everything in a Single Pane-of-Glass

AppDynamics allows you to monitor different databases and see it all in a single pane-of-glass.

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More About Database Monitoring with AppDynamics

Problems Solved with Database Monitoring

  • Database load issues
  • Internal database contention
  • Locking problems
  • Slow database response time
  • Unpredictable performance spikes

Database Monitoring Provides Visibility Into:

Change events
Data files
Database objects
Execution plans
Resource consumption
Schema statistics
SQL & Stored Procedures
User sessions
Wait states