DB2 Query Performance Tuning

Database Profiling and Tuning

AppDynamics for Databases helps enterprises troubleshoot and tune database performance problems. It provides high level visibility into how SQL and stored procedures perform within databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, MySQL and PosgreSQL.

Key Benefits

  • Monitor key performance metrics like programs, top users, SQL, objects and more.
  • Foresee performance of end-to-end application, from the browser to the database
  • See execution plans for slow SQL to identify performance bottlenecks
  • Get alerts when database thresholds are violated

AppDynamics for Databases tackle the challenges faced by Developers and Operations in detecting the root cause of application performance issues with respect to DB2 query performance. Around 50% of application problems are caused by slow SQL calls and stored procedures that applications invoke. Still, DB2 databases are considered a "black box" by application support teams.

Giving customers critical visibility and troubleshooting capability into the cause of DB2 query performance tuning problems makes AppDynamics absolutely unique in the APM space. Application support teams constantly wrestle with database performance problems in attempting to ensure uptime and availability of their mission-critical applications, but they usually lack the visibility they need to resolve problems. AppDynamics has equipped them with a valuable new solution for ensuring application performance, and it will enable them to collaborate with their Database Administrator colleagues even more closely than before.

AppDynamics has applied its "secret sauce" from troubleshooting Java and .NET application servers to databases, allowing enterprises to pinpoint slow user transactions and identify the root cause of SQL and stored procedure queries. AppDynamics for Databases also offers universal database diagnostics covering Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, PostgreSQL, and MySQL database platforms.

Features of AppDynamics Pro for Databases:

  • Historical analysis: Tracks and records database activity 24/7, which allow evaluation of performance slowdowns in the database tier.
  • Application to Database drill-down: Troubleshoot business transaction latency from the application right into the database and storage tiers.
  • Top database wait states: Gives visibility into CPU states and database wait and thereby helps users comprehend database resource contention and usage.
  • SQL explain/execution plans: Identify inefficient operations and logic, and why queries are running slowly, which helps greatly with query performance tuning.
  • Storage visibility for NetApp: Compares database performance with performance on NetApp storage.
  • Production Ready: Less than 1% overhead in most production environments.

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