End User Experience Monitoring

End user monitoring tools

Web application architecture is said to be highly interactive, often executing complex client-side logic in order to provide a rich and engaging experience to the user. This adds a certain complexity, meaning that it's no longer good enough to simply measure the effects users have on the back-end. It has become necessary to measure and analyze the client-side performance to ensure the best possible experience for your users.

Monitor end-user experiences

  • Instantly receive user data by geography and browser

  • Analyze end-user behavior data

  • Perfect your product and ensure a seamless user experience

Understand how every line of code impacts user experience

  • Identify the offending node or tier

  • Drill down into the specific line of code

Do not let third-party content ruin your user experience

Understand, troubleshoot, and resolve problems by delivering granular performance metrics per resource using the resource timing API.

Let user data help you optimize your web experience

  • Don't guess on how to optimize your web experience

  • Base them on large volumes of multi-dimensional usage data

"We quickly realized that we shared what I would call a start-up spirit with the same values of commitment, flexibility, and the desire to place customer satisfaction at the heart of our activities."


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