Free Java Profiling

FREE Performance Diagnostics and Solutions for your Java Application

Java profiling tools helps to troubleshoot complex issues in Java applications. These tools that include free Java profilers and commercial software like YourKit differ in their cost and functionality.

Production ready AppDynamics is an alternative to free Java profilers like VisualVM and JConsole. AppDynamics helps dev and ops teams to find and troubleshoot bottlenecks in the code easily and ensure that performance of the production environment is not affected.

Automatic Application Discovery and Instrumentation

AppDynamics automatically detects and depicts the application tiers that the monitored JVM connects with like other application servers, databases and web services. Moreover, it gives you details about where the latency occurs in the application, so that you can swiftly discover the application issues. Most free Java profilers fail to identify problems quickly because they lack the graphical user interface, which represent the application topology and response time breakdown.

Business Transaction Monitoring

Unlike free Java profilers, AppDynamics groups user requests into Business Transactions. This helps you to isolate and categorize the performance bottlenecks that affect your end users the most. No Java profiling can discover and categorize problems like AppDynamics does.

Proactive Alerting

Most free Java profilers do not have alerting capabilities and if they do have, they use static, universal thresholds that either cause alert storms or a few alerts. But AppDynamics, that sets alerts on application, JVM metrics and Business Transaction help identify and solve problems before they impact end users.

More Details about Java Profiling and Free Java Profilers

AppDynamics Pro is a commercial product for managing application performance. More than mere Java profiling, it tracks and manages a large, distributed application that too in a single pane-of-glass.

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