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Java Profiling

Java applications have many troubleshooting issues that can be resolves with free Java profiling tools. There are a variety of tools to choose from such as free Java profilers, which ship with the JDK to commercial software. Although Java profiling tools are useful they create a large overhead and latency that are unacceptable for any production application.

AppDynamics provides a production-ready alternative to free Java profilers. With AppDynamics, the dev and ops teams can now easily locate and troubleshoot bottlenecks to the exact line of code, without impacting the performance of the production application.

Lower Overhead than Java Profiling Tools

You no longer have to worry about impacting your end users because unlike many other Java profilers, in production environments, application overhead for running AppDynamics is less than 2%. Those organizations that use Java profiling tools only during urgent situations lack visibility into their app.

Automatic Application Discovery and Instrumentation

AppDynamics automatically maps and discovers the application tiers, like web services, databases and app servers,that the monitored JVM interacts with. In addition, AppDynamics allows you to locate your application bottleneck by letting you know where inactivity occurs in the application.

Business Transaction Monitoring

AppDynamics provides Business Transaction monitoring, which helps you to know your application similar to the way your end users experience it. Like AppDynamics, no other Java profiling tools provide Business Transaction information for bottlenecks.

Proactive Alerting

With AppDynamics, you can set up alerts to find and fix problems before they even have a chance to affect your end users. Compared to AppDynamics, most other free Java profiling tools do not sound alerts, and those that offer alerts use static, universal thresholds often resulting in alert storms.

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