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Financial Services companies and their applications are integral for the proper functioning of the global economy. Financial services are always immensely regulated industries as they are a constant mark for hackers. Such a business environment needs to be highly available, secure, always ensuring good performance while also generating the revenue sought by their shareholders and Wall Street.

Factors that impact revenue - and how APM can reduce risk:

Customers Dislike Waiting

Poor application performance and stability can mean losing a customer, and this can be avoided. If a business loses a customer, it must aim at getting them back or attracting new customers. Preventing existing customers from leaving and attracting new customers can be possible only by providing an excellent end user experience along with good service levels.

AppDynamics APM software enables you to:

  • Monitor every transaction coming through an application

  • Detects problems and issues

  • Automatically fixes all problems and issues

  • Effective troubleshooting and problem resolution entails the understanding of components involved in servicing each transaction

Customer Loyalty Equals Revenue Growth

Better performance means more customer loyalty and revenue growth. Being the most used interaction medium between company and customer, applications play a vital role . Business need to ensure that every customers has a great experience when their applications are used. Slow transactions, errors, and unavailable platforms often leave customers dissatisfied , consequently reducing your loyalty score. In the longer run, this can have a significant impact on revenue.

AppDynamics tracks the performance of all transactions, baselines the normal performance, and promptly alerts when transactions break from their normal behavior. This way you can identify performance problems in the initial stage, instead of allowing customers to get frustrated and leave your applications.

Business transactions are classified by their level of deviation from the usual performance.

Transactions Equals Money

Transactions are the lifeblood of banking. A large portion of a banks' revenue comes from transaction fees. These are mostly for various activities like ATM withdrawals, currency conversion, credit card usage, etc. As all banking activities involve transactions, it is imperative that IT organizations adopt a user-centric, instead of a transaction-centric approach to effectively manage the performance of applications.

AppDynamics offers context that helps you understand the business impact of transactions that are failed and/or slow. All the data gathered by APM software can be utilized to enhance functionality.

Various data perspectives enable application development and support teams to prioritize the updates in the next release.

If your existing APM tool is not offering the value that it should, or if you have not tried an APM tool, start a free trial of AppDynamics and learn what you've been missing.

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