Free PHP Profiling

Performance Diagnostics and Solutions for your PHP Application

A PHP profiler that monitors your production environment not only makes performance optimization effective and efficient but also finds out the effect of your optimization efforts on your end users.

AppDynamics for PHP tracks and identifies issues in your production PHP application without impacting performance.

Key Benefits

  • Get high level view into PHP performance

  • Get code-level detail

  • Cut down Mean-Time-to-Resolution

  • Easy installation and usage

  • Below 2% overhead in production

  • Complete call stack traces

Visualize application performance in real time

AppDynamics lets you locate issues in your production application quickly by automatically discovering your application architecture that includes your remote web service and database calls and your own application servers. The application architecture is then displayed in the Application Flowmap.

Understand performance like your end users

AppDynamics baselines your traffic into Business Transactions that let you swiftly understand the impact on end users when performance suffers. Not only that, it allows you get the associated call stack traces and quickly identify the main cause for the performance issues. This capability is not seen in many PHP management solutions,

Trend PHP performance over time

AppDynamics' powerful analytics engine helps you comprehend application performance trends over time and build intuitive dashboards for the executives and other teams to watch.

See the impact of new code releases

When new codes are released, AppDynamics make application performance comparisons before and after a code release to see the impact of new code on performance.

Use performance baselines for intelligent alerting

Many PHP management tools give alerts but not like that of AppDynamics. Instead of static, global thresholds of most PHP tools that often lead to inaccurate alerts, AppDynamics' intelligent baselines alert you only about real performance issues.

Important Features of PHP Monitoring

  • Change Detection: Record application change events

  • Business Transactions: It includes calls per minute, automatic detection, response time, slow, very slow, stalls

  • Application Flow Map: See all your application dependencies

  • Code-level Diagnostics: Diagnostic sessions that display complete code execution, policy-based collection available

  • Errors: It includes transaction errors and backend errors

  • Real User Monitoring: Compare browser diagnostics with code-level diagnostics

  • Real-Time Analytics: It involves automatic baselining and scoring of transaction and application performance

  • SQL Statement Visibility: Remove sensitive data, PDO statements & prep statements Logo uses AppDynamics to keep the site's critical applications responsive.

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