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What is Server Monitoring?

Server monitoring means tools and approaches used for auditing the application performance as well as that of web servers. Basically, it refers to gathering machine- and infrastructure-level metrics like memory usage, Disk I/O, CPU utilization, and throughput. Though these metrics are helpful in monitoring the health of their infrastructure, they fail to identify and troubleshoot issues with respect to application code.

Key Benefits

  • Fine tune slow performance by going down to code level detail
  • Foresee server health and map your application topology
  • Track important server metrics and trend performance over time
  • Resolve issues before they affect your end users

No Automatic Application Discovery with Server Monitoring Tools

AppDynamics discovers and maps your application topology and shows where the latency exists amid different application tiers.

Server Monitoring Tools Lack Business Transaction Context

Unlike server monitoring, application monitoring understands Business Transactions. This makes it easy to prioritize performance bottlenecks on the basis of their criticality and the transactions that they affect.

Agentless Server Tracks Can't Do Call Stack Traces

Server monitoring software lacks code-level insight into performance bottlenecks. But AppDynamics provides class and method-level detail about performance bottlenecks, which helps to identify and solve problems.

Server Monitoring Tools Use Basic Alerting Thresholds

Many server monitoring tools have alerting abilities, but in its case, the static alerts are set either too high or too low. This leads to either few or too many alerts but all alerts tend to be inaccurate. In the case of AppDynamics, you get alerts from algorithms that measure deviation from normal behavior so that you get accurate alerts.

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