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Server monitoring includes the monitoring of operating systems and associated hardware metrics for the servers that run your applications. Basic server monitoring metrics include free memory, disk queue length, percentage of disk used, network collisions, adapter transmit rate, CPU sys. time, CPU wait time, used memory,and a lot more.

As an application performance management solution, AppDynamcis gives all the metrics of server monitoring tools along with troubleshooting capabilities of APM software. Managing performance with an APM solution can add great value for your organization.

Some of the benefits include:

Reducing Mean Time to Resolution to a matter ofminutes.
Quicker development owing to reduced time in tracking down bugs.
Little or no bugs released due to quick and easy identification
Quicker QA cycle because of quick problem detection and resolution.
A stable production environment owing to improved development and QA.

To better understand how your end users experience your application, it is important to monitor at the application level as well. An ideal solution for managing application performance must include both server monitoring and the application-level monitoring provided by application performance management (APM) products.

More info on Server Monitoring

Physical server monitoring monitors the server's complete physical environment, that includes temperature, humidity, liquid presence, motion, etc. This helps in managing large data centers. Network-level server monitoring on the other hand reveals network time between servers and typically includes application mapping capabilities.

"It's important that we have a tool that helps ensure the performance of our website, and AppDynamics is really good at that."


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