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Web app monitoring software lack the ability to provide code-level insight into performance issues. However, AppDynamics is able to deliver class and method-level detail about Web app performance issues, as it rests inside the application container. This makes it easy for AppDynamics to discover and troubleshoot issues.

Of the different web application monitoring tools, web application performance testing tools load test your applications before they are moved into production. While Network-based web performance monitoring tools provide greater visibility into application performance. However, these tools cannot locate and identify problems occurring in your application code like AppDynamics, which provides visibility, identifies issues in your web application and fixes issues.

Why AppDynamics?

  • Troubleshoot issues at the code level
  • Overhead less than 2% in production
  • Easy installation and use

Key Benefits

  • Lower Mean-Time-to-Resolution by 90%
  • Catch performance issues before end users see it
  • Greater visibility into your application architecture

Easy to install and use

AppDynamics can be installed swiftly, irrespective of the fact that your application is installed in the cloud, data center or both. Besides, it automatically discovers and maps your application architecture and dependencies, thereby giving a more clear picture about the performance of your application despite its complexity.

Deep code-level visibility

AppDynamics with its capability of web application performance monitoring, helps you to get down to individual call stack trace for a slow moving Business Transaction and discover issues and fix the issues at the class and method level.

Proactive alerting

Based upon application, Business Transaction and infrastructure-level metrics, alerts are set that warns the support team about accurate performance issues.

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