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The important component of any organization's application performance strategy is their website application monitoring software. And, AppDynamics provides one such product


Key Benefits:

Monitor business transactions in real-time

Get complete visibility into application performance

Fix problems faster than ever before

Set up proactive alerts to identify problems before they affect your business

Automatic Application Mapping

Unlike most web application performance monitoring tools, AppDynamics do not need code changes and manual configuration for deployment. Instead, it automatically implements your code and maps your full application architecture.

Business Transaction Monitoring

Unlike most application performance tools, AppDynamics comprehends application performance with respect to user requests or business transactions. This lets you comprehend application performance just as your end-users experience it. Moreover, AppDynamics prioritize issues based on their business impact.

Code-Level Application Performance Diagnostics

AppDynamics helps find a method and class-level detail about response time latency within seconds. Unlike most application performance tools that track display response time interrelation across the application, AppDynamics offers deep and wide visibility. This allows users to discern the cause of performance issues in seconds.

Compare Performance of Application Releases

AppDynamics, with its new Compare Releases feature, helps you analyze snapshots in your application performance management tools before and after a major code release. This allows you to discover the impacts of a recent release on your production environment and your end-users from a single dashboard.

Proactive Alerting on Application Performance Metrics

AppDynamics initiates alerts based on Business Transaction performance and application-level & infrastructure-level metrics. Unlike most application performance management tools that depend on static universal thresholds for alerting, AppDynamics, being much more fine-grained, allows you to avoid alert storms and missing problems.

Dashboards and Reports

AppDynamics with its superior application performance dashboards and PDF reports, helps you to keep management in the loop. With dashboards and reporting, you can easily analyze the cost of slowdowns and performance outages and display the value of your performance tuning projects.

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"On Wednesday I delivered a keynote at WJAX in Munich. Everything went really well, but I was a little shocked at the response I got when I asked the audience “How many of you monitor the performance of your apps in production?” As I scanned the audience, I counted 9 out of ~950 developers had put their hands up, meaning about 1% had visibility of how their applications actually performed in the production. I know what you’re thinking: “But isn’t application performance in production the responsibility of Operations?” Well, it is and it isn’t. Most organizations think that when an application has an issue, it’s related to the infrastructure it runs on. That’s like saying when a car crashes, it’s because a part failed in the car whereas in actual fact most accidents are caused by the driver. Yes, hardware fails occasionally, but application logic and configuration drives how infrastructure resource is used, which is why most issues today occur when new code is deployed in production...."

Just how useful is JMX Monitoring?

"I’ve always been a skeptic of JMX monitoring, largely because I felt it was often wrongly positioned as the pillar stone of application monitoring software. An application for me is a collection of business services or transactions that users perform, which causes application logic (code) to request and process data. Without visibility into the performance of business transactions and code execution, JMX monitoring can be seen as just another infrastructure monitoring tool for the JVM. However, when application and JMX monitoring are combined into a single tool, they can offer powerful capabilities for managing application performance...."

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