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Not being able to offer code-level insight into performance bottlenecks is one of the biggest limitations of website monitoring software. However, as AppDynamics resides within the application container, it delivers class and method-level details of the website performance bottlenecks, thereby making it easy to identify and fix problems.


Web Application Monitoring

While there are various web application monitoring tools that provide necessary insights into web application performance, it is network-based web performance monitoring tools that provide a high-level view into application performance. Web application performance testing tools can help load test applications before they are moved to production. However, these tools too, are often unable to identify problems occurring in your application code. With AppDynamics, you can get complete code-level visibility to quickly find bottlenecks in your web application.

AppDynamics allows you to:

Successfully troubleshoot at the code level

Enjoy less than 2% overhead in production

Install and use easily

Key Benefits:

Cut Mean-Time-to-Resolution by 90%

Obtain complete visibility into your application architecture

Identify performance issues before end-users

Easy to install and use

AppDynamics can be installed even if your application is in the data center or the cloud. Automatically identifying and mapping your application architecture and dependencies, AppDynamics provides total clarity of application performance.

Deep code-level visibility

Drill down into an individual call stack trace to identify and troubleshoot issues, with web application performance monitoring.

Automatic Application Mapping

Web application performance monitoring tools usually require manual configuration and code changes, but with AppDynamics automatically map your application architecture and instrument your code automatically.

Proactive alerting

With AppDynamics, you can set alerts depending on application-level and infrastructure-level metrics, and Business Transaction performance. Most application performance management tools depend on static universal entries for alerting, but AppDynamics ensures nil alert storms.

Dashboards and Reports

Keep management in the know using high-level application performance dashboards and PDF reports. You can also evaluate the cost of performance outages and indicate the worth of your performance tuning projects with dashboards and efficient reporting.

"It's important that we have a tool that helps ensure the performance of our website, and AppDynamics is really good at that."


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