GlassFish Monitoring Software

Find and fix bottlenecks with GlassFish

As a leading JavaEE application server in the market, GlassFish is a popular choice for customers. An effective application performance management strategy involves the efficient monitoring of performance and availability. Appdynamics allows you to monitor and detect application codes running on GlassFish and obtain visibility of how it is carried out through the JVM in a production environment. Users can understand the actual utilization of latency and also learn how system resources are used by the various applications.


GlassFish Server Benefits:

Monitor availability and performance of your GlassFish Server

Alert GlassFish Server performance and health issues

Detects and Resolves all Memory Leaks in GlassFish Server

Find root cause of application performance quickly

Correlate and Trend Key GlassFish Server metrics

Monitor Business Transactions

WIth AppDynamics you can discover business transactions in GlassFish and its JVM from common entry points. This allows users to comprehend how business transactions are carried through Java components like JMS, CICS, SOAP, EJB, JDBC as well as remote calls.

Real-Time Alerting for GlassFish

Get dynamic SLA base-lining and pro-active alerting with Appdynamics. All performance problems can be notified whenever they arise. Application and production support teams a therefore have a quick and early warning to avoid breach of user experience and service levels.

OutOfMemoryException and Memory Leaks

AppDynamics also enables the tracking and monitoring of memory leaks inside GlassFish Server. Its JVM with minimal user analysis gets to the root cause quickly and easily. Users can also enjoy garbage collection visibility and key memory pools utilization.

Monitor Key GlassFish Server Metrics

Disk I/O

Average Response Time

Servlet Session Counts

Enterprise Java Bean (EJB) Pool Statistics

Session Statistics

Database Connectivity (JDBC) Connection Pool Statistics

Custom MBeans attributes via JMX

CPU Utilization

Thread Pools

JVM Memory and Heap Usage

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