How To Monitor SQL Performance

SQL Monitoring with AppDynamics for Databases

If you are looking for deep-dive insight into monitoring SQL performance, you need AppDynamics. AppDynamics for Databases offers you visibility into how every program session, user, stored procedure and SQL statement performs. AppDynamics for Databases is an production-ready SQL performance monitor that is easy to use, even in a live production environment. It can also be integrated with the .NET and Java application performance management product of AppDynamics.


Easy to use

AppDynamics for Databases requires neither a configuration or code changes to work and can be installed in a matter of minutes. While most SQL monitoring tools are commonly used solely by a DBA, AppDynamics can be used by almost anyone to troubleshoot slow SQL queries with a web-based UI that is highly intuitive. Application teams thus have the necessary visibility into database performance.

Production Ready

Production is the most important part that needs monitoring the most, and AppDynamics for Databases is highly suitable to effectively monitor high-volume production applications with an overhead that less than 1percent.

Granular data

With AppDynamics for Databases, all application teams and DBAs can monitor granular data in a live production environment, thus ensuring that important events never escape your attention. AppDynamics also records a complete history of database performance to ensure you work on resolving past problems as well.

All-in-one view

Regardless of how complex your application may be, AppDynamics allows you to monitor everything from a single UI. You can monitor all your database platforms such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, SQL Server, etc and view all that your end-users perform from the browser to the database - quickly and easily.

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"We installed AppDynamics in one hour. That's including the management server, application agents and machine agents."


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