How To Monitor SQL Server 2000 Performance

SQL Monitoring with AppDynamics for Databases

Are you trying to figure out how to monitor SQL Server 2000 performance?

AppDynamics for Databases gives you visibility into the performance of every user, SQL statement, program session and stored procedure in a live production environment. Fully combined with AppDynamics' .NET and Java application performance management solution, AppDynamics for Databases is a production-ready SQL Server 2000 monitoring solution. It helps to identify slow queries and the cause of performance issues in your application swiftly and easily.


Easy to use

Install within seconds. Moreover, it does not need any configuration or code changes to operate. One of its important advantages is that not just DBA but anybody can use AppDynamics and troubleshoot slow SQL queries with its web-based UI. This gives the application teams visibility into database performance.


Unlike most SQL monitoring software, you can track production applications of high-volume with an overhead of less than 1%.

Granular data

Ensure that no key events escape from your attention by providing DBAs and application teams very granular tracking data even in a live production environment. Besides, AppDynamics stores details of database performance, which allows you to solve past problems.

All-in-one view

Usually, SQL performance software is compatible only with one database platform, but that is not the case with AppDynamics. It allows you to track everything in a single UI, irrespective of the complexity of the application environment. Monitor all your database platforms (SQL Server, DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and so on) in the same instance of AppDynamics. Besides, it allows you to see the actions of the end-users in a single pane of glass.

More About AppDynamics for Databases

AppDynamics for Databases makes tuning and monitoring of SQL Server 2000 performance easy. This provides you with hugely granular data of SQL performance management in your production setting, which enables you to resolve issues as they arise before they affect your end-users. Besides, AppDynamics for Databases lets DBAs as well as application teams to detect performance issues between the database tiers and the application swiftly.

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"We installed AppDynamics in one hour. That's including the management server, application agents and machine agents."


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