IIS Testing

IIS Monitoring

The availability and uptime of your Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) can be best ensured using an IIS monitoring tool. This tool comes with both paid and free options. AppDynamics, a free troubleshooting tool, provides more clarity about IIS performance in real time with lower overhead.

Easy to install and use

AppDynamics can be installed in 2 minutes. You need to just download and run the software. AppDynamics maps your application architecture and baseline your Business Transactions performance automatically.

Diagnose at the code level

AppDynamics debugs IIS bottlenecks and deadlocks by automatically amassing full call stack traces for stalls, slow transactions and errors and thereby permits you to get detailed data down to method and class- level.

Get to root cause 90% faster

AppDynamics allows you to concentrate on other projects by decreasing the troubleshooting time to 90%.

Get Started with AppDynamics

Monitor your .NET application for free with AppDynamics Pro.

Supported .NET Frameworks: