IIS Monitoring Software

Find and Fix Bottlenecks with IIS Monitoring

IIS monitoring software helps to ensure your Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)'s availability and uptime. AppDynamics, a free troubleshooting tool, provides you high level view into IIS performance with an overhead of less than 2% in a live production environment. For effective application performance management strategy and to focus on innovation, maximum visibility with minimal configuration effort and overhead is highly necessary.

Why AppDynamics?

  • Works in production
  • Installs in ~90 seconds
  • Free forever

Key Benefits

  • Diagnose at the code level
  • Offers complete visibility into IIS performance
  • Cut-down MTTR by 90%

Easy to install and use

By downloading the software and running the installer AppDynamics allows you to start working in less than 2 minutes. AppDynamics detects and maps your application architecture along with the performance of your Business Transactions automatically.

Diagnose at the code level

AppDynamics makes the whole process of debugging IIS deadlocks and bottlenecks easy. It automatically collects full call stack traces for stalls, errors, and slow transactions, and offers complete drill down to the class level and method in your production environment.

Get to root cause 90% faster

AppDynamics enables you to concentrate on other projects by reducing the troubleshooting time by up to 90%.

Get Started Now

With AppDynamics, you don't have to worry about long, time-consuming Proof-of-Concepts. The pricing is clearly displayed on the website and you can be up and running in a couple of hours. AppDynamics allows you to engage in application performance monitoring swiftly, easily and cost effectively.

AppDynamics is built for highly distributed production environments. It decreases Mean-Time-to-Resolution by 90% and provides App Ops teams high level view at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

For monitoring 5 IIS instances for free, try AppDynamics Pro .