Increasing IIS Performance

Increasing IIS Performance

An IIS monitoring tool is the best way of ensuring your Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) availability. Although most of these tools vary in cost and functionality, there are several free options. AppDynamics, a free troubleshooting tool, offers deep view into the performance of IIS in a live production environment with overhead less than 2 percent.

Key Benefits:

Enjoy complete visibility into IIS performance
Cut MTTR by 90 percent
Diagnose at the code level

Easy to install and use

AppDynamics ensures can be installed in a less than a couple of minutes, with just a software download and installer run. Detect and maps your application architecture of all your Business Transactions.

Diagnose at the code level

Debug IIS deadlocks and bottlenecks - quickly and easily with AppDynamics. AppDynamics gathers call stack traces slow transactions, which enables you to get down to the method and class levels.

Get to root cause 90% faster

Reduce troubleshooting time by up to 90%, and spend more time on other projects with AppDynamics.

Monitor Your Business Transactions

AppDynamics classifies these entities with business context to help you understand the business activity in your IIS server and applications. This way you can track and monitor service levels, response time of your business transactions, and also drill down to their code execution.

Get Started

If you are looking for unlimited business transactions or performance baselining or wanting to monitor a distributed environment - AppDynamics is for you. AppDynamics Pro is a popular choice for applications distributed across numerous IIS web servers and services. Try AppDynamics Pro for successful monitoring.

"It’s a tool that offers seamless traceability and a view that bridge both the APM and the Business product usage effectively."

Heather Abbott, Senior Vice President of Corporate Solutions Technology, Nasdaq

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