Increasing .NET Performance

.NET Application Performance

Often a single code or configuration change can affect application performance tremendously. Therefore when enhancing application performance, it is necessary to change or fine-tune only what is required as less can be more.


The AppDynamics Difference

Freemium model

Provides tremendous visibility and troubleshooting capabilities for Modern .NET architectures

PnP (Plug-and-play) performance monitoring of Microsoft Azure cloud apps.

Software-as-a-Service / On-Premise deployment

Support for hybrid .NET/Java environments.

.NET pricing publicly available and costs less compared to legacy APM solutions.

Monitor your Application Topology

AppDynamics discovers, identifies, maps application tiers in your .NET environment automatically and provides details about the response time spent in your application. This gives you a clear idea about the application appearance with respect to application tiers like NoSQL data stores, LDAP, 3rd party web services, and so on.

Monitor Your Business Transactions

AppDynamics categorizes entities with business context which helps you gain a clear understanding of the business activity running through your application and IIS server. This helps track response time, levels of service and throughput of your business transactions, and also code execution.

Find Bottlenecks in Your Application Code

AppDynamics helps you to see individual executions and the full code execution call stack of the business transaction or application request that has slowed down. This helps to identify the associated latency and solve performance bottlenecks.

Pro-Active Alerting

AppDynamics alerts about performance issues the instant they occur.

Platform Support

AppDynamics provides entire protocol and framework support for monitoring .NET Framework 2.0+, associated Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) versions and Windows Azure.

Read our case studies to understand more about AppDynamics.

"It's important that we have a tool that helps ensure the performance of our website, and AppDynamics is really good at that."


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