Java Code Profiler

Java Profiling

For your Java application, AppDynamics offers code-level diagnostics and end-to-end visibility. AppDynamics allows operations teams to swiftly identify & resolve performance issues in their Java applications and lets Java developers discover their code performance in real time.

Benefits of AppDynamics vs. free Java profilers:

Monitor the JVM's performance and availability
Notify health and performance issues of JVM
Troubleshoot and find root cause of performance issues of your application in minutes
Monitor MBean metrics in real-time

Lower Overhead than Java Profiling Tools

AppDynamics operates in production with an overhead of just 2% on the application. This means that even if it is left on all the time, it would not affect end users. Compared to AppDynamics, most Java profilers bring significant overhead and therefore they are used only during critical situations. As a result, most organizations that use Java profiling tools lack the insight into the application when it's performing normally.

Business Transaction Monitoring

No free Java profilers can identify and prioritize problems like AppDynamics. AppDynamics helps you to comprehend the application the way your end users experience it via Business Transactions. It categorizes user requests into Business Transactions and informs dev and ops teams about the performance issues that affect the end users the most.

Troubleshoot Java Code Latency in Minutes

With business requests and transactions being processed by the JVM, AppDynamics provides tremendous visibility into Java code execution. This helps you identify latency and find its root cause in minutes. This makes Java performance tuning much easier.

Learn more about Java App Monitoring.

The AppDynamics platform brings all our metrics into one place. It allows us to make sense of the madness of gigabytes and gigabytes of logs that our systems produce every day.


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