Java Performance

Identify root cause with complete code diagnostics for Java applications

Get real-time visibility into your Java performance within various industry-leading Java applications like JBoss, Tomcat, Glassfish, Weblogic, WebSphere and others.

Visualize and Map JVM Application Dependencies

AppDynamics enables automatic detection of the various tiers that interact with your Java application, to offer a complete view into application performance.

Monitor JVM Health and Performance

Understand the health of your JVM with Java profiling and tuning metrics that include exception rate, garbage collection time,response time, throughput, code deadlock (Java) with AppDynamics. Seamlessly monitor various system resources like memory, CPU,and disk I/O in the same UI with AppDynamics.

Distributed Business Transaction Tracing

Tag-and-follow tracing of distributed transactions across your JVMs with AppDynamics J2EE monitoring. Ascertain where bottlenecks exist with a view of how a distributed business transaction i is implemented.

Audit JVM Configuration Changes and Application Deployments

AppDynamics reports all modifications to the JVM run-time environment configuration and tracks new application deployments. Understand the changes implemented to your application environment with AppDynamics.