JBoss Performance Evaluator

JBoss Performance

In today's environment, an effective application performance management strategy involves the monitoring of application performance and availability. JBoss, a leading JavaEE application server, is a popular choice for customers today.

With AppDynamics, you can automatically monitor application codes on JBoss and viewing how it executes through the JVM. Users can understand where latency is being utilized and how system resource used by application and business transactions

Monitor Business Transactions

AppDynamics also helps auto-discover business transactions from various common entry points in JVM and JBoss like struts actions, spring MVC,servlets, web services calls including custom POJO entry points. Users can understand how business transactions carry out numerous Java components like JMS, SOAP, EJB, JDBC, etc for distributed transactions.

Real-Time Alerting for JBoss

With dynamic SLA base-lining and pro-active alerting ensuring the notification of performance issues, AppDynamics provides production and application support teams with an early warning; a lot before service levels and end user experience begin to deteriorate.

OutOfMemoryExceptions and Memory Leaks

User have the visibility of utilization of key memory pools and garbage collection with AppDynamics. Helping you automatically track and monitor memory leaks inside the JVM with minimal user analysis, Appdynamics finds root cause - in just a matter of minutes.

Detect Thrown Exceptions

With AppDynamics, collect and report all application run-time exceptions within JBoss Server during JBoss monitoring. Users have the visibility of stack traces when business transactions and user requests fail.

Care.com uses AppDynamics to keep the site's critical applications responsive.

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