JVM Application Performance Tools

JVM Performance Tools

With Java Virtual Machine (JVM) being a fundamental part of your Java application, an effective strategy is required for JVM performance monitoring and management in production. This is because JVM monitoring tools, which can run in production, helps you to ensure the performance of your app and alerts you about any issues that crop up at any time.

AppDynamics Java application monitoring provides real-time profiling visibility on the performance of your applications inside the industry-leading Java application servers like WebSphere, JBoss, Weblogic, Glassfish, Tomcat, and others.

Key Benefits

Visualize and monitor all your JVM dependencies with real-time profiling

Monitor distributed transactions for Cross-JVM visibility

Instant monitoring of JVM health, performance and exceptions

Troubleshoot Java code latency instantly

Visualize and Map JVM Application Dependencies

AppDynamics automatically identifies and traces all the tiers that collaborate with and service your Java application. This provides you high visibility into application performance.

Monitor JVM Health and Performance

AppDynamics helps you comprehend the performance of your JVM with important key Java tuning and profiling metrics that include exception rate, code deadlock (Java), garbage collection time, response time and throughput. Besides, it monitors key system resources like memory, disk I/O and CPU – all in the same UI.

Distributed Business Transaction Tracing

The advanced tag-and-follow tracing capabilities of AppDynamics J2EE monitoring helps with tracing of distributed transactions across your JVMs. Below is a simple intuitive view that gives a fair idea about the way a distributed business transaction executes and the areas where bottlenecks exist.

Troubleshoot Java Code Latency in Minutes

AppDynamics gives a high-level view into Java code execution as business requests and transactions are processed by the JVM. This lets you identify latency and its root cause instantly. This makes Java performance tuning much easier.

Automatic Memory Leak Detection

Find and fine-tune object thrash issues and memory leaks, even in the course of production load.

Audit JVM Configuration Changes and Application Deployments

AppDynamics auto-reports any changes to the configuration of JVM run-time environment and trace JVM restarts and new application deployments. This gives you an understanding of the kind of changes made to your application environment and helps you with Java performance tuning.

"That is an example of an issue that we would now solve in minutes, thanks to AppDynamics."


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