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Strange memory consumption results in huge issues in production Java applications like performance issues caused by the usage of default JVM settings.

Unlike other memory monitoring tools (or logging), AppDynamics manages memory leaks easily. It runs in your production environment without much overhead. This means that the users can easily solve issues related to memory in your production application without affecting end user experience.

Key Benefits

Ease of usage

Track memory in production

Cut down MTTR for memory-related issues

Real-Time Alerting for the JVM

Through dynamic SLA base-lining and pro-active alerting, AppDynamics notifies the support teams about performance issues before the users realizing it.

Understand True Utilization of Memory Pools

AppDynamics helps you comprehend how fast your application is exhausting memory by monitoring the different memory pool sizes over time. This allows to fine tune your JVM/CLR memory settings.

Don't Fear Large Amounts of Data

AppDynamics provides high level view into how much data is prevailed in the JVM and how much memory is exhausted by different data structures and objects at any one time by executing memory leak detection and tracing object count, heap usage over time, and physical size (MB) of the objects existing in memory.

Out Of Memory Exceptions and Memory Leaks

AppDynamics gives greater view of garbage collection, utilization of key memory pools and heap usage over-time. It auto-monitors memory leaks within the JVM with minimal user analysis. This allows instant detection of the cause.

Identify the Source of Memory Leaks—Fast

AppDynamics' Java memory leak detection identifies and flags leaking data structures swiftly. This means you don't have to spend time trawling through thread dumps and profilers or try a heap dump and thereby bring down your app.

"AppDynamics replaced 5 tools we once used to try to troubleshoot application problems. Today, everyone goes to AppDynamics to quickly determine the root cause of the issue."


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