Managing Cloud Services

Performance of Cloud-Based Applications

AppDynamics provides free monitoring software that helps you troubleshoot java performance in your Tomcat application and provides greater visibility into production environments.

Key Benefits of AppDynamics:

Ensure application performance pre and post-cloud migration

Track and manage your critical cloud-based applications

Monitor your app in the cloud

Take advantage of cloud bursting

Visualize your Application Performance in Real-time

Infrastructure health metrics are not enough to be sure about the performance of your cloud app. With AppDynamics helps you understand the performance of your cloud app right down to business transaction and code level.

Monitor Business Transaction Service Levels

To understand business activity in the cloud with service level, and throughput monitoring, and complete transaction volume - you need AppDynamics.

Monitor Cloud Infrastructure Health

AppDynamics allows easy report tier availability, performance, and throughput to manage the infrastructure that serves your business.

Analyze Your Existing Application Dependencies

Get complete insight into the architecture and communication challenges and visualize your application dependencies, when planning your cloud migration, with AppDynamics.

Understand Existing Application Resource Consumption

With AppDynamcis you can understand the capacity needed for your cloud migration to leverage commodity cloud infrastructure, lower costs and enable horizontal scaling.

Baseline Application Performance Pre-Migration

AppDynamics enables you to report your existing application performance in order to set suitable service levels and baselines for your cloud migration.

Verify Application and Infra Performance Post-Migration

On migrating to the cloud, you can verify your business transaction and application performance against your original service level baselines.

Optimize Application Latency in the Cloud

Every journey in the cloud application migration isn't without speed bumps. On reaching there, it is important to isolate and successfully resolve all performance-related bottlenecks quickly.

Analyze Current Scalability Limits

AppDynamics helps understand existing relationships between business transaction volume, infrastructure resources and throughout. To find your scalability breaking points feeds, you'll need to increase your elasticity in the cloud.

Define Cloud Bursting Policies

With AppDynamics allows you to create and automate workflow tasks that define where and when cloud bursting occurs.

Simplify Cloud Bursting to laaS Providers

With AppDynamics, seamlessly connect and automate your cloud bursting policies like VMWare VCloud, Amazon EC2, Rackspace.

Verify Your Scalability Gains

AppDynamics allows you to compare and trend your application performance and scalability to know the actual impact of cloud computing on your application.

"It’s a tool that offers seamless traceability and a view that bridge both the APM and the Business product usage effectively."

Heather Abbott, Senior Vice President of Corporate Solutions Technology, Nasdaq

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