Mobile APM Solution

Monitoring Mobile Apps

Get complete visibility across your mobile app with our Mobile APM Solution. Mobile apps account for 15% of Internet traffic, with 1.5 billion users worldwide. 50 million users can be reached from a simple iPhone application in days. Mobile now has the most employee productivity improvement, explosive source of revenue growth,and improvements in customer engagement. With a great amount of growth it's difficult to ensure all of your end users have a great experience.

AppDynamics Mobile Real-User Monitoring manages the 24/7 performance of mobile apps and collects mobile application behavioral analytics, in real time.

With our Mobile APM solution you can:

Protect your brand and revenue streams through improved app store ratings

Understand every mobile end-user experience across the globe, in real-time

Monitor every user interaction, understand behavioral patterns, and optimize experience

End the blame game between mobile developers and IT Ops

Track business impact in real-time

No more false alerts

"We installed AppDynamics in one hour. That's including the management server, application agents and machine agents."


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