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Understanding the mobile performance and stability of your app is critical to protecting your revenue and your reputation.The mobile market is continuing to grow every year and it's constantly evolving. A presence on the web isn't enough for most companies, which is why most are going mobile first when they launch. A lot of planning and testing is required in order to make a great mobile experience for your users.

Our Mobile Real-User Monitoring tool enable you to discover the performance of your mobile applications in production. Mobile APM allows you to understand your application topology, third party dependencies, and the performance of your production application on both the client-side and the serve-side. Modern application performance management solutions like AppDynamics track crashes and errors, the performance of the mobile application and correlates performance to your backend platform, and provide rich user demographics, and metrics on the end user experience. With modern business reporting tools you can evaluate the health of your application and be proactive when performance starts to deteriorate.

End User Monitoring allows you to understand the application experience from the eyes of your real users. There are quite a few solutions to monitoring the end user experience in the market place. AppDynamics allows you in instrument your application and gain visibility into production performance problems.

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