Mobile Performance Testing Tools

Performance Management for Mobile Apps

Developing a high-performing mobile application presents unique challenges from developing a traditional or web application. How well the application performs is the user's perception of mobile application performance. The performance of your app is measured by how quickly it starts up, how responsive it is, how well it uses device power, and even how well it uses device memory.


Understand your mobile end-user experience in real-time

Monitor mobile user experience through a single pane of glass

Instantly find and fix errors before they become big issues

Analyze data by platform, device type, and even regional performance

Stay alert with crash reporting

Detect mobile hangs, app crashes, and failed network requests in real-time

Respond before users have a chance to complain with a poor rating

Start monitoring your mobile applications for free!

"It’s a tool that offers seamless traceability and a view that bridge both the APM and the Business product usage effectively."

Heather Abbott, Senior Vice President of Corporate Solutions Technology, Nasdaq

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