Monitor Application Infrastructure

Infrastructure monitoring to improve apps

For those IT and business leaders who are charged with building business-driven applications and infrastructure – the challenge is daunting. Reduce the cost of your infrastructure by using our software to get more out of your hardware.

Squeeze every drop of performance out of your hardware

Computing resources are are needlessly consumed by inefficiencies in your application. Finding and fixing these inefficiencies will give you more resources for other uses, or reallocated to handle even more traffic. The gain in efficiency that AppDynamics platform provides can deliver significant savings in hardware costs and operations.

Find out where resources are being wasted

No matter how complex or distributed your application environment is, the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform gives you unprecedented visibility into every transaction and every piece of underlying code — so you can see the bottlenecks, slow spots and inefficiencies, and also see how to fix them.

Make better use of your hardware

With efficiency gains from the AppDynamics platform, you can grow your user base without adding hardware, or put some of your hardware to better use elsewhere.

"We installed AppDynamics in one hour. That's including the management server, application agents and machine agents."


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