Monitor Website Response Time

Web Application Monitoring

Today's business environment has a host of web application monitoring tools that offer insights into the performance of web applications. Most of the network-based web performance monitoring tools offer a comprehensive view into application performance. Sophisticated web application performance testing tools help load test your applications before moving them into production. However, these tools often fall short when it comes to detecting any problem occurring in your application code. With AppDynamics, get a deep code-level visibility, detect and troubleshoot areas in your web application - easily and quickly.

Business Transaction Monitoring

All the functions in your distributed web application are organized into "business transactions" by AppDynamics. Used as the basic unit of troubleshooting, these "business transactions" offer insight better than server-centric management. AppDynamics auto-discovers transactions and effectively monitors the response time, giving IT insights to end user experience, helping detect problems as they occur.

Self-learning Instrumentation

AppDyamics has the capability to instrument your application, learning its code execution behavior, transaction and conventional performance patterns. With a self-learning ability to adjust instrumentation automatically when you change your application, AppDynamics ensures that no manual configuration is needed.

Dynamic Mapping & Discovery

AppDynamics offers a 24/7 discovering, tracking and mapping of all business transactions, and backends in your web application architecture. All this is made possible through a Dynamic Flow Mapping™ (patent-pending) technology.

Real-time Analytics & Performance Database

With a powerful real-time Analytics & Performance Database, AppDynamics enables the tracking of application performance in real-time-in production.

Automated Remediation

AppDynamics offers self-learning instrumentation of the usual patterns of performance for your app, making to simple to scale dynamically in the cloud for your application services. You can provision cloud capacity whenever required and also assure service quality during peak loads.

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