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Most of the application monitoring software tools today have alerting capabilities. However, your alerts are likely to be as good as the as the thresholds they are generated on. Many times the static alerts are either set too high or too low, resulting in too few or too many monitoring alerts getting abandoned due to inaccuracy. AppDynamics allows you to receive monitoring alerts on infrastructure metrics, application, and business transaction. Calculating deviations from normal behavior based on algorithms, AppDynamics sends you alerts only when necessary.

An important part of an organization's application performance strategy is largely dependent on application performance management software, and AppDynamics is the best easy-to-use and production-ready application performance management solution that comes with a host of benefits.

Key Benefits of AppDynamics:

  • Get complete visibility into application performance
  • Track and monitor business transactions in real time
  • Receive alerts and identify issues before they impact your business
  • Diagnose and fix problems fast

Automatic Application Mapping

With AppDynamics, you can instrument your code and effectively map your application architecture, unlike other web application performance monitoring tools usually require code changes and manual configuration.

Business Transaction Monitoring

Unlike most application performance tools, AppDynamics, understands application performance. AppDynamics allows you to understand application performance, and to prioritize issues on the basis of business impact.

Code-Level Application Performance Diagnostics

The usual application performance tracks display response time interaction across the application, AppDynamics offers visibility, allowing users to identify and fix performance issues. You can easily get to call stack trace and identify method and class level detail around response time latency.

Compare Performance of Application Releases

Get a shot of your application performance management tools both before and after the release of a major code, with a new Compare Releases feature with AppDynamics. Also find out how recent releases are impacted your production environment.

Proactive Alerting on Application Performance Metrics

Set alerts on the basis of application and infrastructure-level metrics and also Business Transaction performance with AppDynamics. Although other application performance management tools are dependent on static universal thresholds for alerting, with AppDynamics you can to avoid alert storms.

Dashboards and Reports

AppDynamics allows you to keep management in the know about application performance dashboards and PDF reports. Evaluate the cost of performance outages and illustrate the value of your performance tuning projects with AppDynamics' Dashboards and reporting.

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