MySQL Cloud Monitoring

Cloud Monitoring

Applications run differently in the cloud. Servers come and go, and nodes are constantly spinning up and down. In order to ensure the performance of cloud and hybrid applications, IT and Ops teams need a trusted Application Performance Management (APM) solution that's been built to answer the unique needs of the cloud, and to take advantage of its benefits. In case you've developed a new cloud application or you're planning to migrate your application to the cloud, AppDynamics gives all the required information to accelerate your journey to the cloud.

The old ways of managing application performance don't work in the cloud. If your mission-critical apps are in the cloud already – or you're planning to migrate them from the data center – you need the performance assurance delivered by AppDynamics.

Key Benefits

  • Keep full visibility even as nodes come and go
  • Prevent performance degradation when you migrate from the data center to the cloud
  • Manage massive scale – as many as 4,000 nodes – from a single controller
  • Dynamically provision resources to respond to real-time capacity requirements

AppDynamics equips application owners with a powerful arsenal for ensuring the performance of cloud-based apps:

Cloud Monitoring and Management

Keep 100% visibility and troubleshooting capability with Dynamic Cluster Aggregation. If you leverage cloud capacity and do agile development, your cloud instances are going to change frequently. AppDynamics adapts to those changes and ensures that you never lose sight of how your application is performing.

Manage your nodes with Intelligent Instance Life-cycle Tracking. AppDynamics responds to changes in the identity of cloud instances and number, even as new nodes are provisioned and old ones are killed off. We continuously learn "normal" performance levels and automatically manage the clean-up of dead nodes.

Constantly scale with Extreme Single- Application Scalability. To manage massive scale and provide 100% visibility, AppDynamics allows several thousands of cloud nodes to report to a single AppDynamics controller.

Prevent performance degradation. Use AppDynamics to ensure the success of your cloud project by measuring the performance baseline of your applications pre and post-migration.

Automate workflows. AppDynamics gives you the ability to model the appropriate sequence of automated activities and tasks to execute in real- time – including configuring your application stack, creating new nodes or instances of the application stack, or dynamically de-provisioning nodes or instances.

Who Is It For?

  • IT Operations
  • Production Support
  • Developers
  • Architect

Problems Solved

  • Uptime & Availability
  • Slow response time
  • Memory Leaks & Thrash
  • Stalls
  • Deadlocks
  • Slow database response
  • Database connection pool areas
  • End-User Monitoring

What You Can Do While Your Cloud Application Migration Happens

You can visualize and map server dependencies, automatically mapping of all tiers that interact with your application giving you high-level view into your application performance.