.NET Application Performance Analyzer

NET Application Performance

AppDynamics is a production-ready solution for .NET application performance monitoring. You can quickly find root cause issues, all without impacting the performance.

Key Benefits

  • Identify Business Transactions.

  • Find hot spots, slow SQL, and bad code.

  • Monitor response time.

  • Get full call stack traces.

Business Transaction Monitoring

AppDynamics, unlike most free .NET profilers, helps you understand your application through Business Transactions that are types of user requests. Business Transaction monitoring and alerting help you prioritize, and fix application performance blocks before they impact your end users.

Monitor your Application Topology

AppDynamics auto-discovers and maps the application tiers, giving you a detailed listing of where time is spent in your application.

Platform Support

AppDynamics offers support for monitoring .NET Framework 2.0+ that includes full protocol and framework support to provide maximum visibility of your .NET application.

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"I never thought I'd say this, but I've actually started looking forward to problems, since they're so easy to find and fix."


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