.NET Application Troubleshooting

Monitoring .NET Applications

AppDynamics performs .NET application troubleshooting. It gives support that includes full framework and protocol support for monitoring .NET Framework 2.0+ and Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) versions & Windows Azure. This gives maximum visibility of your .NET application.

Key Benefits:

Detect and identify Business transactions

Track and monitor Response time

Find and locate Slow SQL, hot spots, bad code

Gain full call-stack traces

Easy to use

Monitor your Application Topology

Detection and mapping of application tiers in your .NET environment gives tremendous visibility of the application with respect to application tiers like LDAP, databases, 3rd party web services, caches, NoSQL data stores, and Message Buses. This helps you to find out, in your application, where response time is spent.

Monitor Your Business Transactions

AppDynamics helps you to know the business activity flowing through your application and IIS server by sorting the entities with respect to business context. This kind of tracking enables you to monitor response time, service levels and business transactions. Not only that it allows you to drill down to their code execution.

Find Bottlenecks in Your Application Code

Often business transactions or application requests slow down which can hurt businesses very badly. AppDynamics prevents such situations from emerging by allowing you to see the full code execution and locate the associated latency across every method, class and interface. This provides you full visibility that eventually helps you to solve performance issues.

Key Features:

Free .NET performance troubleshooting tool

Plug-and-play (PnP) performance tracking for Microsoft Azure cloud apps

Provide Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and on-premise deployment options.

Provides unrivaled visibility and troubleshooting abilities for the modern distributed, componentized, and agile .NET application architectures.

Support hybrid .NET/Java environments.

Transparent and Affordable Pricing: .NET pricing is publicly available and costs much less than legacy APM solutions.

"Debugging our environments was extremely tricky at the time. Then with the introduction of AppDynamics, these problems have gone away."

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