.NET Code Profiler

.NET Profiler

AppDynamics is a production-ready alternative to free .NET profilers. With AppDynamics, you can quickly find root cause for application performance issues without affecting the performance of the production environment.

Key Benefits for .NET Profiling:

  • Identify Business Transactions
  • Monitor response time
  • Find slow SQL, hot spots, and bad code
  • Get full call stack traces

Automatic Application Discovery

AppDynamics automatically detects and maps your application architecture, with no manual configuration required. As load flows through your application, AppDynamics shows you where the latency lies in your application topology.

Business Transaction Monitoring

Business Transaction monitoring and alerting help you find, prioritize, and fix application performance bottlenecks before they impact your end users.

Proactive Alerting

With AppDynamics, you can now set up alerts based on application, infrastructure and Business Transaction metrics. By setting alerts based on Business Transaction performance (instead of the average performance of the entire application), you can get rid of unnecessary alerts and alert storms.

Why Use AppDynamics for .NET Profiling?

  • Easy to use
  • Running in minutes
  • Free forever