.NET Monitor Memory

Monitoring .NET applications

Until now, there were no tools for monitoring .NET applications. AppDynamics is the first of its kind that helps with application performance management. AppDynamics Pro edition for .NET and Java allows you to focus on innovation by facilitating greater visibility with nominal overhead and configuration effort.

Key Benefits:

  • Supervise your CLR dependencies
  • Track Windows Azure
  • Real-Time view of CLR health, performance, and exceptions
  • Cross-CLR view of distributed transactions

Monitor your Application Topolog

AppDynamics detects automatically and depicts the application tiers in your .NET environment such as databases, LDAP, 3rd party web services, NoSQL data stores, caches and Message Buses. This gives you tremendous visibility into the application tiers and helps you see where in your application response time is spent.

Monitor Your Business Transaction

AppDynamics classifies these entities with business context so that you comprehend the business activity that runs through your application and IIS server.

Find Bottlenecks in Your Application Code

AppDynamics allows you to drill down to see individual executions and with a single click view the full code execution, when an application request or business transaction slows down. This helps to locate the latency across every class, method and interface.

Pro-Active Alerting

AppDynamics helps you to set alerts on your business transactions, application or CLR performance. This enables you to ensure optimal application performance as you are notified about issues the instant they occur.

The AppDynamics Difference

  1. Freemium model: Free .NET performance troubleshooting tool.
  2. Support for Modern .NET architectures: Offers tremendous visibility and troubleshooting capabilities for distributed, componentized, and agile .NET application architectures. Besides, it supports hybrid .NET/Java environments.
  3. Software-as-a-Service: Provides Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and on-premise deployment options.
  4. Cloud Ready: Plug-and-play performance tracking for Microsoft Azure cloud apps.
  5. Affordable Pricing: AppDynamics' .NET pricing is publicly accessible on AppDynamics and costs less than the price of legacy APM solutions.

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