Node.js Performance

Identify root cause with complete code diagnostics

Monitor, troubleshoot, and diagnose Node.js performance problems in your apps with our APM solution. When it comes to scalable and fast applications, Node.js is quickly becoming one of the most prominent platforms.

Monitor Node.js performance in real time

You can monitor the complete real-time performance metrics from your app to operating system, including CPU utilization, response time, web service calls, disk I/O, SQL calls and more.

Gain code-level visibility into your application

Quickly diagnose performance problems and get to the root cause with full transaction traces.

Increase visibility into backend services

Gather and instrument performance data automatically for HTTP calls and metrics. Support backends such as Memcache, Cassandra, Redis, MongoDB and Riak

Process wide-snapshots for Node.js

Give developers the call graph visibility they need to execute functions within Node.js with process wide-snapshots. You can understand what it happening when fixing a problem.

Get started monitoring your Node.js app today