Node Monitoring


Node.js is used by most organizations to monitor their applications. With AppDynamics you can track, troubleshoot and identify performance issues in your Node.js apps.

Why Node.js?

Node.js is essentially server-side JavaScript, while JavaScript has been around for a while, the idea of using it on the backend is pretty new. So the question is, why would we choose to support Node.js instead of a more established platform like Python or Ruby? The answer is that we believe Node.js will be the next big thing in enterprise software and especially mobile applications. In the last year, usage of Node.js has more than doubled, and it's already the 17th most popular application server.

Node.js is great for building fast applications that scale well. Companies like eBay already know this, but more and more enterprise companies are catching on. Many of our customers realize that Node.js aligns with their business requirements and have already requested Node.js support.

By focusing on the demands of our customers, so we added Node.js support to our application performance management (APM) product.

Adding node monitoring for Node.js applications has never been easier. The AppDynamics Node.js agent supports almost all Node.js frameworks out of the box and supports Node.js 0.6+.

"We’re very comfortable with AppDynamics. We were able to deploy the agent to thousands of application instances with no impact or risk to our production environment."


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