Performance Monitoring System

Understand your application

AppDynamics has an application performance management (APM) product that makes managing complex apps simple. Not one person likes slow apps, including Ops & Dev teams, CIO, and most importantly not end-users. With AppDynamics performance monitoring system, no one has to accept slow performing apps ever again. We give companies the ability to monitor, troubleshoot and diagnose performance issues in their applications.


Easy-to-Deploy Platform

Our Platform can adapt to any infrastructure or environment, delivering real time performance data, and quick deployment in a matter of minutes.

Delivers value in minutes by easy and intuitive deployment

Deploy in either: SaaS, on-premise, hybrid cloud deployments and private cloud

Easy to use and scalable for dev, ops, and other business users

Application Intelligence

Understand your application and business transactions and how these can impact your business.

View transactions spanning across your app topology

Find each transaction to discover, analyze and solve issues

Minimize manual intervention by configuring auto-remediation

Becoming a power user is easy with highly productive dashboards

"AppDynamics is helping us take customer satisfaction to a whole new level by giving customers visibility into the performance of our application."

Streamline Healthcare

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