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Application Performance Management for PHP

With the shift toward service-oriented architectures (SOA), PHP applications now operate in rapidly changing environments. Thus, most performance problems surface are difficult to identify and fix. With these applications becoming critical to the business, it is essential to have a simple and quick way to diagnose, and resolve PHP application issues before they impact revenue.

AppDynamics' PHP monitoring solution helps you track call stack traces to identify performance issues in your PHP application, in a live production environment.

You can troubleshoot, monitor, diagnose, and scale production PHP applications –while gaining 10 times more of the current level of visibility, getting to root cause 90 percent faster.

Key Benefits include:

Improved Visibility in a distributed environment

Rapid Troubleshooting that reduces Mean-Time-to-Resolution from hours to minutes

Increased IT agility for rapid deployments and code changes— in high-volume production environments

Production Ready Monitoring for PHP, Node.js, Java and/or .NET environments–monitor any stack separately or together. uses AppDynamics to keep the site's critical applications responsive.

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